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In an industry that makes over $5.3 trillion dollars per day, this membership will teach you how to take full advantage of the foreign exchanges. You will learn how to understand and read charts, analyse price actions, learn fundamental and technical analysis, how foreign markets operate, and the best strategies and times to enter into trades in the forex market.

Inclusive of:

  • Certified course in “Financial Market” accredited by the KHDA
  • Access to Masader, an all-inclusive website with trading signals, strategies, copy trading system, and smart trading services.


With a peak market cap of almost 3 trillion dollars, the blockchain industry is thriving and has become an essential part in many personal and business transactions. Learn how to safely be part of this world by learning the different types of digital currencies, wallets, exchanges, Defi, DAOs, NFTs and a lot more. Explore current developments, emerging trends, and build strategies that leverage blockchain and cryptocurrencies to your advantage

Inclusive of:

  • Certified course in “Digital Currencies” accredited by the KHDA
  • Access to Masader, an all-inclusive website with trading signals, strategies, copy trading system, accumulator, staking and smart trading services


E-commerce plays an increasingly important role in the growth of today’s brands and businesses.Take advantage of the $9 trillion (USD) eCommerce market by learning digital marketing fundamentals, ecommerce strategies, and product selection. With Metaajer you will create a store, choose & sell hot viral products with no need for inventory, learn how to run highly effective ads on Facebook and Instagram, analyze your growth and consistently scale your business. There is a global shift taking place as more consumers and merchants move their purchases and business online, and this trend will continue over the next decade.

Inclusive of:

  • Certified course in “Digital Marketing” accredited by the KHDA
  • Access to Mataajer, an all-inclusive website with thousands of products to choose from, website templates, no inventory, and with full management and marketing options.
    trading services


A wholesome approach between the digital world and a healthy lifestyle. With Qure’s NFT you

Inclusive of:

  • 1 Meditating Qat NFTs, That gives you access to the Qure LifeStyle App.
  • One-on-one weekly meetings with nutritionists for personalized meal plans and recommendations to meet your goals.


AI marketing is big business. Statistics show that the entire industry is worth almost $15 billion and is projected to exceed $17 billion in 2023. With our team of experts, we can help create, and grow your accounts through proven methods.Through our Metapreneurz AI MARKETING membership we help you create and enhance your social media Instagram, Facebook and ticktock accounts. With the help of our team of experts, we provide innovative and proven ways to grow, manage, boost, and promote your accounts to create a successful online image.

Inclusive of:

  • Monthly captivating posts, videos and reels
  • Option for full management and marketing of Accounts.


We all know that YouTube is a great way to earn an online income, but how Many of us know how to achieve that. That is why we brought you the YouTuber package where we help you create your YouTube channel, boost, market and monetize it. whether you personally create your videos and our team of experts in editing will make it eye catching and captivating, or they will completely create the videos and provide you with a one stop solution for all your YouTube channel needs. Either way, leave it to our team of experts to help you monetize your YouTube channels, grow and manage it.

Inclusive of:

  • Edit your videos and shorts to be captivating with the option for our team of experts to create them for you.
  • Option for full management and marketing of channel.